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Hello to Everyone,

I am 6 weeks late of my periods which is unusual to me. I took birth control pills for one month. Afterthat We tried to have a baby in natural way.

My symptoms are Missed periods,Breast tenderness, Soreness in nipples, Big breasts, Frequent urination, backache, Headache, Feeling very tired, Leg cramps & 2 positive hpt results. When I went to check blood test, It came out negative. Also They did ultrasound, they could not found anything, They just noted ovaries inches.I think and hope I am pregnant.

Dh said me not to worry. He also really believes that I am pregnant. Because I did not get these symptoms ever. He encouraged me that there may be some mistakes in lab test, That's why Blood test came negative.

I started to take prenatal vitamins like folic acid.

My doubts are,

1. Could I be pregnant even I got negative blood test? Or Should I need to get second opinion in blood test? Otherwise can I wait & see?

2. If I am not pregnant, Why should I get these pregnancy symptoms?

3. What are the side effects of birth control pills & If you took off, what will you get as side effect?

Please........ Help me. I am very frustrated.

With crying,


Hi there. I can understand how upset you must be. If you have all of those symptoms then you could be pregnant and the test just isn't picking up the hormone because maybe it's too low and it also depends on what test there is. There is a yes or no answer and there is a test that measures how MUCH hormone there is.

Also, when you first get off birth control your period usually does get delayed because your body is adjusting to not having the hormone in your body anymore. It took my body almost 4 months just to get back to normal. My periods were 21 days late every time..I was going from having a 28 day cycle to having a 45 day cycle, it really sucked. Especially if we were going to be planning on having a child.

Take another HPT and if you get another positive then get an ultra sound they can definately tell you that way whether you are pregnant or not. GOOD LUCK!! Keep us posted


Hi Ms.Azthenia,

Thank you so much for your reply.

Now also I am confused. I took birth control pills for just only one month. I did not take that for so many years. If we take bcp for a while & suddenly If we cut off, It will give irregular periods. But How about me? I took it for a month. That's it.

If I am not pregnant,Why should I get those symptoms? Is it the side effects of bcp off? And, I am taking prenatal vitamins like folic acid & citrachol. I think these drugs may give tenderness in breasts, Because Prenatal vitamins are normally taken during pregnancy timing. So It may give heavy breasts for nursing. Am I right or not?

Otherwise, I may be ovulated late because of bcp off. Because I checked with ovulation test, I did not get positive when I finished one pack(Quantity 7), I did not check more, So I may ovulated late. So Could I be still pregnant even I got these negative blood test & negative urine test?(When I heard blood test was negative, I took another ept, It came negative, But I used evening urine, And also I should have taken morning urine by using hpt, But I took ept)

I am 100% sure that I am not in stress. We are healthy & sexually active. We love kids. We married for 3 years. We did all the tests, Everything is normal. We had sex for throughout last month, So I really believe that I am pregnant.

what do you think? Thanks in advance.



Still I have no periods(44 days), I am having cramping. I don't know about that.

Can I get my period or Could I be pregnant?

I am very confused.



hi i am 11 days late of my period took 2 home test and 1 blood test all came back negative what is going on am i pregnant or what