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I am on birth control and had a regular period Aug. 17- Aug. 20. Now on Aug. 30 I started seeing really light pink bleeding. I told my husband and he said it sounds like spotting. I am still (Aug 31) having light pinkish bleeding with some clear and light brown discharge. Could my birth control have failed and I be pregnant?


That's hard to tell when you are on birth control, if it's a hormonal contraceptive like the pill, depo provera, etc. 

You could be pregnant, especially if you are on the pill and you forgot to take it on some days. You could also just be experiencing the kind of bleeding many ladies on hormonal birth control get, no pregnancy in sight.

Instead of wondering, am I pregnant, just go and either get a test or better yet see your doctor. If you're not pregnant, you can then ask about this light pinkish bleeding at the same time, in case you'd prefer to try out a different birth control method that is less likely to cause that kind of symptom.

PS: Are you having any other early pregnancy signs, like bigger breasts, nausea, fatigue, mood swings, backaches, cramps, a bloated abdomen, and so on? That could swing your odds in the direction of being pregnant.