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My younger 17 year old sister has the following symptoms:

-frequent constipation and or diahrea
-11 days early, LIGHT period when my sister is ALWAYs regular (on time!). from pinkish to redish brown to a pinkish color. it keeps stoping and coming back for the past 3 days.
-frequent peeing
-leg cramps etc.
I myself am almost 5 weeks pregnant and haven't noticed many symptoms other then implantation bleeding and constant peeing... now my 17 year old sister is experiencing this... she is also sexually active and on Dec. 4th she had unprotected sex with her boyfriend and on Sunday Dec 13th she began noticing these symptoms. she is on no form of birth control is this a health factor to be concerned of or is it an early stage of pregnancy ?
I would just like some opinions to ease our minds as it is still to early to test positive on a pregnancy test. thank you

pregnant or health problem?


Nausea and frequent peeing are possible early signs of pregnancy. I heard that some women also have bowel issues when they are newly pregnant, but I've not had that myself. I did have headaches, but that was probably from caffeine withdrawal, as I stopped drinking coffee the moment it started making me sick. The bleeding could be an implantation bleeding, possibly. 

At the same time, it's also possible that your sister came down with some kind of bug. Though, if she isn't pregnant and experiences strange bleeding between periods again, she should definitely see her doctor because it can indicate hormonal issues or even an STD.