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I just had sex for the first time today, the boy I had it with did pull out before he came. I am still scared that I might get pregnant though. If anyone has any advice or could tell me what the chances of me getting pregnant with the pull out method that could really help! Ps the boy I done it with has had sex before and used this method before and none of the girls got pregnant 


Hi Guest,

You ask IF you can get pregnant.  The answer is YES.

The odds of pregnancy, when everything is "perfect" is about 1 in 5.  There are no guarantees you'll get pregnant but you could.

Precum can contain sperm.  It is considered not to if he has not recently ejaculated - as in since he last urinated.  If he pulls out, ejaculates, and then goes back in then there WOULD be sperm present.

Always use birth control, all the time.  If he tells you it's uncomfortable then think about what carrying a 9 pound baby, and 30 extra pounds will feel.