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I am on min ovral 28 birth control pill. I always start my period on the third or fourth Thursday or Friday in the month depending on how the month is set up. I was supposed to start this past Thursday and didn't, so I waited till Friday and nothing. On Saturday I noticed a small amount of super dark blood discharge on the toilet paper when I wiped. This stopped for the rest of the day and then started again on Sunday and kept on going till today (Monday). I have also been having headaches and light to mild cramping with lower backaches. What could this mean? Could I be pregnant?   



The birth control pill (all of them have similar success/failure rates) is very effective when you look at the numbers — 99 percent or so. With PERFECT use, which means never skipping a pill and taking it at the same time every day, one in 100 women will get pregnant. Typical use is more realistic, though, and with typical use, nine of 100 women will get pregnant in one year. That means, for instance, if you get 200 women together who are on the pill, more than 10 will have become pregnant anyway. On a population-wide level, this means that quite a few women actually get pregnant on the pill. 

So, pill or no pill, when you have a missed period, am I pregnant is the next logical question for sure. What you experienced also sounds like an implantation bleeding. Time for a test, I say!