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Hey I have a few questions to ask

To put it explicitely, I recently came on my girlfriends vagina on the 1st this month. We're both virgins and I understand it's not completely safe to do what I did and expect there to be no risk of pregnancy; except she's on the pill Microgynon 30. She had her last pill the day before -the 31st- and she resumes on the 8th (7 day break every 28 days).Her period's expected today and it always has been consistently on a Thursday since forever, but this month it hasn't come yet. She's not completely 100% confident that she's had all the pills in the last month and there has been multiple hours variation in the times of day she's taken them so I'm slightly worried as to how protected she is. If her period doesn't come tonight to take an extra precaution she'll take Levonelle on the 4th (within 72 hours).

Am I wrong in thinking that if she does have her period she's not pregnant, since it's only been 3 days since it happened and conception won't have even been able to occur yet? And if so should she take the morning after pill anyway as an extra precaution, as she could still get pregnant even if she does have this period. Do you think it's just a big coincidence that it hasn't come yet? It might tonight.

I don't expect anyone on her to know an answer to this but Microgynon 30 and Levonelle both contain levonorgestrel so would it be possible to be on Levonelle in you're already taking the Microgynon, as a backup incase she's forgotton any microgynon. We'll be going to the chemists tomorrow tomorrow anyway to check.


I know this is a bit confusing to read and there are a lot of questions but I'm just a little worried so thankyou for any help you can give! I'm mainly worried because she's never late for a period.


Hello there, My name is Nikki and when i was 12 i lost my virginity with this guy who was Not a virgin. he knew what he was doing and i did not. so he did like you did (not trying to sound mean but dude don't do it again!!!) anyways.. lol and guess what i got pregnant. but because of my age i miscarried but it very much is possible she is pregnant. I am 15 now and a mother and lemme tell you it's hard. sex is fun and blah blah yes, but it does have it's downside as well. You don't want to be like me and  teen parent because it's hard it really is. But in all honesty i wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Having Aurora has made me a better person but it took away things i wanted but now looking back all the stuff i thought was sooo important really isn't.. like dances and games lol it's not. But sorry for all that useless info. I'd go to the doctor or store and get a test done asap. IF you have any questions or comments feel free to

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I had two periods whilst pregnant - no symptoms! However, the periods were lighter, and because I noticed they were a bit "odd" I went to docs and found out I was pregnant - big shock cus I didnt think it was possible due to having had period!!

ALWAYS use protection to prevent pregnancy. I know men dont USUALLY like to use condoms, but it is the only way for a man to protect THEMSELVES from pregnancy! The pill is v effective IF TAKEN RIGHT! But man cannot check this (usually). 

Hope this helps xx