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Okay Im 17 And Had Sex With My Girlfriend 3 Times Last Night But I Didnt Cum In Here But Will Pre Cum Make Her Pregnate?


Yes, well...probable. Especially if you've done it 3 times, and you didn't urinate in between.

I had the same problem last week, my boyfriend thought he didn't precum either; but it's almost definite he did as you are unaware. I took the morning after pill as a precaution but what made it worse, was that I ovulating.

I suggest you get your girlfriend the morning after pill, have her go to a clinic as I did and get Levonelle or ellaOne, because if you are intending to prevent pregnancy and you don't wish to have a baby, it may be too late.

You should definitely seek emergency contraception ASAP.

Levonelle can be taken within 3 days, and ellaOne can be taken within 5, but don't let that make you waste time, the sooner she takes it, the better chance pregnancy will be avoided. Also, where abouts is she in her cycle?