9 october : my gf rubbed me from outside boxers and after minutes she touched herself once and from outside since she's virgin i remember i was dry and i'm sure i didn't ejaculate ,can precum get out without ,feeling it and got through boxers to her hand then her vegina ? 23 october :she had her period for 7 days ,she's irregular and it was heavy bleeding with cramps . 2 december :she had her second period lasted for 5 days a little bit lighter but still heavy first two days and with crumps 4 december : we had some dry humping on her 3d day of her period and she was wearing diapers,two panties and a yoga panties and i was wearing two boxers and pants and when i was close to ejuculate she stepped awasy and i finished with my hands and washed my hands with soap to see if she was dry and she was . Any chance that she's/will be pregnant with all i mentioned ,i learned that she can have period and still be pregnant and can get pregnant on her period ?