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Hey guys,

The situation is this. I recently tested positive for chlamydia while my partner tested negative. We have been in different countries for the past three months so it naturally looks like I've cheated, which I haven't.

I tested positive early in the relationship (about 6-7 months ago) after experiencing discharge symptoms and we both took the treatment and did not have the chance to sleep together for a week (the recommended wait time). When I told her she said that she'd been tested recently (while we'd been together) and come back negative for chlamydia, but took the two tablet treatment from the doc as a precaution anyway. I did not go back to the clinic to test clear (yes, I know I should have).

A few more months of unprotected sex go by before our current international separation. About a month in I started getting symptoms again, got tested, and came back positive for chlamydia the second time. Again I told her and she has tested negative. It confuses me too since the time spent sleeping together between tests means that she should definitely have it too, despite coming up negative on both tests.

While I've now been re-treated and tested clear, her second negative set of test results have just come back and I now have to justify how I could tested positive without having cheated.

Everything I have ever learned and everything I can find online tells me that this shouldn't be possible. However, this is how it is.

Does anyone know how this is possible?

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance


Hi Sense,

It is possible that the infection didn't clear last time.  This time, get checked afterwards.

I can't see any doctor prescribing medication to treat Chlamydia, or ANY bacterial infection as a "precaution" unless she tested positive. There are enough problems with antibiotics being over prescribed in this world and this is a red flag.  

I can't say for sure if she's being honest with you but it would make sense that:

1.  You were infected.

2.  Got treated and cured.

3.  Got reinfected from your girlfriend who did NOT take any treatment.

4.  Need to get treated again.

5.  She's not really going to get checked.




Hi Dan,

Thanks for the response, however what I really need to know is what may be causing her results to come up negative. Naturally its not easy accepting that multiple doctors might be wrong.

Although i still think test error to be the most likely explanation, i'm curious to know if there's anything on the bacteria going dormant or withdrawing and then reoccurring.

I've seen a copy of her current results so her paying off testing isn't really a consideration. The idea of me being false positive is pretty well ruled out too because i was displaying symptoms.

I got on to a health line and an RN explained that some antibiotics did occasionally fail and that other types (i.e. a longer stint with doxy) are considered as alternates. However i've just tested clear so this isn't really an ongoing concern right now.

Where we each come from the prescription of antibiotics, particularly where there are symptoms (or where the partner has symptoms) is quite common. this is particularly so for chlamydia since two tablets at once is expected do the trick in most cases.

Thanks again


The tests could be wrong, but it's unlikely, unless there was some problem with the culture taken.  Chlamydia is common and not likely to be missed.  It's a bacteria, not a virus, it doesn't "go dormant."

Yes the medications don't always work.  Always follow up if this ever happens again.  Then you know for sure.

I disagree with administering antibiotics unless there is a need.  I still find it hard to believe that it is accepted practice.  More and more bacteria are becoming drug resistant due to the abuse of antibiotics.  

Anyways, glad you're OK.  I wasn't intending to slam your girlfriend just throw out a possibility.

Good luck.