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for the past couple of months my semen has been extra smelly and it looks like tapioca pudding, not thick like that but little clear gelatinous balls like tapioca. I've read thru alot of this forum as well as several others but I don't see anything describing exactly what I have. Does anyone have any ideas about this. If it helps I'm 36years old, white with high cholesterol and even higher triglycerides and taking medicines for it.

Thanks in advance


You have probably been through all the info about the semen’s variability from man to men, about how it becomes thicker, tapioca-like and yellow when exposed to air, that it may differ from ejaculation to ejaculation, that it makes difference when was the last time you ejaculated, what you ate but I also ran into an info that cholesterol drugs may kill sperm production.

The reason I ran into this info is because my father is taking the drugs as well and while looking for one thing I ran into another.

It happens that these drugs interfere with liver enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of the some neurotransmitters in the brain, that decrease the amounts of androgen hormones in the brain, cerebrospinal fluid and bloodstream and that they shut down the semen production by prostate and seminal vesicles' in order to spare the neurotransmitters and androgen hormones in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid.

Did you notice fewer amounts of sperm as well or just the change in appearance and smell?