I am 9 months post op. I was wondering if anyone out there has had a chronic cough as well as being light headed since having their Anterior Cervical Fusion and if yes, does it get better? 

I had my fusion in April 2012 and have had issues of pain in my neck and left arm as well as a swelling/tight feeling in my neck at the incision. I can't sing like I used to either... I have had the most irritating cough and it has gotten so bad that I actually cracked a rib. The doctors can't find a reason for the cough (I do not see my original surgeon now as he is in Texas and I have moved to Montana). The cough originates at the base of my plate (c5, c6, c7 are fused).

Also, does anyone know what the rejection symptoms are? I have felt horrible since having this done too and I am always running a low grade fever and have brain fog.

Insight would be wonderful from anyone who has gone through this or is going through this and what can I do?

Thank you!!