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I have been taking Xanax for anxiety for about 6 yrs. I would like to get off of it. When I start to wean off of it, my blood pressure goes way up to like 178/90 and heartrate also increases. I have been on Toprol for years ..150mg in a.m. and 50 mg. in evening. Yet as I decrease the Xanax, the BP goes up and I need it to stay at a normal range of at least in the 130s or 140s, but it goes higher, I don't want a stroke. 

I was wondering, since I had taken a low dose Inderal years ago for regulating my heartbeat because of MVP(when Inderal was made by Wyeth), I was wondering if Inderal could be added to my taking the doses of Toprol I now take, while I decrease my Xanax more and more to be able to keep my BP stable and from going up higher while the Xanax is being depeleted from my system? Xanax always kept my BP at a stable 120-140 range, while on the Toprol. But now that the Xanax is being depleted from my bloodstream, the Toprol no longer keeps the BP at a safe level. Would it be wise to ask the doctor if I could incorporate some Inderal into my medication to help Toprol keep the BP at a safe level while I am weaning off Xanax. I am a 66 yr old female.


I recommend going inpatient and using librium and clonidine.  Librium is another benzo, but has a much longer half-life than alprazolam (xanax) which causes less peaks and valleys, or rebound anxiety (comes back between doses).  Clonidine is a blood pressure med that is rather good for generic sedation and as a sleep aid and an anti anxiety drug, but has much less abuse potential or dependance.  The dangers of withdrawl from benzos and alcohol both include seizures, stroke, heart arrhythmias, and death.  Whether abused or not, physical dependance is almost impossible to avoid with daily use of benzos.  Unfortunately there is always going to be discomfort when getting off an addictive drug.  The longer one takes in weaning, the less severe the DTs, but going from one pill to none will be rough.  I was on xanax or valium for 5 years, but tolerance and dependance led me to seek treatment.  It's not easy, but it can be done.