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Hi. I was pregnant after years of trying and then had a m/c. Ever since then (about 3 months)- I was feeling nauseous, having hot flushes and getting headaches. They diagnosed me with anxiety- even though it was hard for me to believe since I felt mentally ok. Ive been taking xanax for about 2 months (.25-now 3x day). I needed it more than ever when they tried to put me on Paxil (I onlytook it nine days and then stopped cold turkey) and the side effects made me feel so much worse and like I had lost my mind- no sleeping at all, tremors, severe anxiety, etc. Ever since then (about two weeks) I havent slept right and have now been given trazodone to help me sleep along with the xanax. My dr wants to get me off xanax in a few weeks, but I am concerned that my body is getting addicted to all of this garbage and dont want the anxiety to come back. Any insight on this? Thanks alot


Ok, i'm just a medical student so my advice is basicly just slightly above uninformed. Xanax is a benzo. benzos are great short term fast acting anti anxiety. Drs hate perscribing ti because users will become depenent and likely addicting. There is another alternative: non benzo anti anxiety buspirone.. have a look into that. it takes aout 2 weeks to start havingt its effect.

fyi: yeah benzo withdraw ***. but there is not getting around it :( sorry honey.