I have previously had bad anxiety/OCD, was on Zoloft for like 2 years before weaning myself off.

Everything has been generally fine until in Amsterdam over the weekend I had Herbal XTC, 30ML of it when your only supposed to take 15ML.

Since then I have had bad anxiety, similar to my bad stretch 2 and a half years ago (though I don't have the obsessive thoughts this time). I am struggling with what to do, I return to Australia in a week, I still have left over Zoloft (which I last used 3 months ago). So I am thinking, short term what the best solution would be.

Below is a description of what I took

Liquid Herbal XTC is a very strong herbal XTC that produces an effect that is unbelievably close to the real thing. Liquid goes faster in your system than capsules so the rush is very strong. It will give you a super dose of energy and a buzz like the real MDMA.

Contains: 15ml (1 doses). 700mg. Ma-Huang extract (8% standardised), 50mg. Cola Acuminata extract , Niacin, Phenylalanine, Patassium Phosphate.

Use: Take 15ml on an empty stomach. The effect will kick in within 30 minutes and last 4 till 7 hours.