Foods like apples and lentils have been found to be beneficial in weight loss. These foods, that release energy slowly, are also called low glycaemic index foods and they allow dieters lose more weight than they would by eating foods that spike blood sugar levels i.e. high glycaemic foods.

Researches involved six randomised controlled trials and over 200 study participants and looked at the effects of eating high and low glycaemic index foods. Study participants were from different geographical backgrounds like Australia, France, South Africa, Denmark and the United States.

Study results showed that the people who ate low glycaemic index diets lost one kilogram more than those who ate high glycaemic index diets and also had bigger decrease in body fat measurements and body mass index. None of the study participants had any adverse effects from eating low glycemic foods.

The researchers believe that the reason why people are more likely to adhere to low glycaemic index diets conventional weight loss diets lies in the fat that low glycaemic index foods do not restrict them from eating, it only makes them choose foods with low glycaemic index. Also, people didn’t seem to feel hungry and the diet made them satisfied.

When cardiovascular risk factors were measured, people who ate low GI foods showed improvements in total blood cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) i.e. "bad" cholesterol, which indicates that consuming this type of foods may also benefit health of the heart.