A recent research has showed that eating pistachios may decrease the body's response to the everyday life stress.

In a randomized, crossover controlled feeding study, researchers inspected the effects of pistachios on uniform stressors on volunteers who had high cholesterol, but normal blood pressure.
The diet regime they introduced included three diets with equal number of calories and lasted four weeks during which time participants consumed only foods supplied by the researchers.
At the end of each four-week diet regime, the researchers measured blood pressure and total peripheral vascular resistance at rest and during two stress tests that included both physical and psychological test.
Study results revealed that diets containing pistachio abridged the stress effects on blood pressure. The 1.5 ounce pistachio diet reduced systolic blood pressure by 4.8 millimeters of mercury while the 3-ounce pistachio diet only reduced systolic blood pressure by 2.4 millimeters of mercury. The diets had no effect on normal, resting blood pressure.

The researchers are confused about the results the pistachio study results showed and are wondering why it is not dose related. Three-ounce diet led to greater relaxation of arteries and reduced the workload on the heart.

It is believed that other foods high in unsaturated fat and antioxidants would have a similar effect.