New study claims that infertility in women can be minimized with the right change of lifestyle.

Experts reported that women who exercise and take vitamins on daily bases and also eat less of saturated fats, less meat and more full fat dairy products have fewer ovulation problems.

Between 20 and 30% o all infertility cases happens because of ovulation problems. Infertility affects one of the six couples. Study included couples that are trying to get pregnant and women were given dietary scores based on their diet and lifestyle as well. Scores were given based on the facts whether women ate more mono unsaturated fats or trans fats, vegetables or meat, high fat or low fat dairy products, multivitamins and also included regularity of exercise and their body mass index.

Report showed that women who ate low fat diet and consumed more vegetables and full fat dairy products, who took vitamins every day had reduced risk of adulatory disorders. Combination of diet, weight control and exercise lowered the risk of infertility by 70%. So, the fact remains that if women change their lifestyle the risk of infertility is reduced significantly.