Researchers from the University of Calgary found that a single high-fat meal could quickly increase our blood pressure. This finding may provide explanation on how high fat meals produce heart disease over time.

The researchers looked at stress responses of 30 students divided into two groups. The study results showed that the group that was eating high-fat was more reactive to stress, recording greater reactivity in several cardiovascular measures.

All study participants fasted the night before and the following morning one group consumed a fast-food breakfast from McDonald's while the other ate dry cereal with skim milk, cereal bars and non-fat yogurt. Both meals contained the same number of calories.

Two hours after eating their meals, the two groups were subjected to standard physical and mental stress tests. The researchers measured their blood pressure, heart rate and the resistance of blood vessels.
No matter what the task was, there was a greater reactivity among those who consumed the high-fat meal in several cardiovascular measures. Exaggerated or prolonged responses to stress are thought to predict the development of high blood pressure.

The researchers were stunt at how just one meal increased reactivity in cardiovascular function. They believe that consumption of high-fat foods could be one of the reasons of hypertension. So far, the vast majority of high blood pressure cases had no known causes.