British researchers reported that eating a lot of protein sets off a natural weight-loss hormone. The hormone called PYY is said to reduce hunger once released in the stomach. It is high-protein foods that trigger the production of this hormone more than any other foods.
This finding makes a very good ground for a new natural diet which would be based on high protein foods. In order to naturally trigger PYY’s release obese person would need to eat twice as more calories as a normal-weight person. Although many people link the new diet to the Atkins’, the researchers say it is not the same as the Atkins includes eating a lot of saturated fat besides protein.

in the study, researchers decided to look at what foods satisfied hunger best. Nine obese men and ten normal-weight men participated in the study. Following short fasts, they were given three different meals with the same amounts of calories: a high-protein meal, a high-fat meal, and a high-carbohydrate meal.

All the study participants reported that the high-protein meal best satisfied their hunger and the measurements showed that high-protein meal triggered the most PYY in all men. However, when it comes to two other meals, the normal-weight men found that the high-fat meal was more satisfying than the high-carb meal, unlike the obese men who said the high-carb meal reduced their cravings more than the high-fat meal.

Further tests on genetically engineered mice showed that mice who were created without the PYY gene gained weight real fast and that high-protein foods had no effects on them.

In conclusion researchers report that increasing the protein in our diet could promote weight loss and could be a good weight loss strategy.