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I am a 37 year old man who has a recent onset of neck and right arm pain. I’ve been having neck pain for about six months and the arm pain is more recent. I noticed some numbness in the right hand, which I suspected that is a carpal tunnel syndrome. Although I had never been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, it seemed to me that I am having very similar symptoms as a good friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with this disorder. Because of the neck pain I sought medical help. Doctor believes that I am suffering from mild cervical disc herniation, but he is still concerned about the connection between neck pain and arm, I will have to see surgeon about it. My father suffered from tumor inside the thecal sac, and he had to have surgery. Anyway, I am worried that I suffer from something similar, or I inherited this condition from him. Please tell me more about it.


If it hasn’t already been done, I suppose that your doctor will suggest you to do EMG or an electromyography test of your upper extremities (hands and arms). With the EMG results your doctor will know about a correlation between your neck pain and arm symptoms. But since he had diagnosed mild cervical disc herniation, it is likely that this was causing your arm numbness. It happens that herniated disc punches the nerve. He will prescribe you therapy for it. Tumor that you father had in tecal sac is not really common, and I can’t tell you if there is connection between his and your condition.


I have had two Carpal Tunnel surgeries and 5 (yes 5) trigger finger releases on my two hands. This was done years ago and frankly if I had to do it all over I may not have done the Carpal Tunnel surgeries, because you still get pain when typing and working with your hands for long stretches.

I have had numbness, tingling, etc. for some time now and thought it was because of my messed up hands, only to find I have DDD and Spinal Stenosis in my Cervical vertebra. All this time I had a large osteophyte growing in my neck and pressing against my esophogus which made it hard to swallow some food and large pills.

I am now facing some heavy duty surgery and wonder if this could have been prevented if I had realized it wasn't due to my hand problems. I would make sure to get at least two opinions from the best doctors you can find BEFORE going for any surgeries. Find the Chief of Neurosurgery or Spine Surgery at a hospital that specializes in this type of surgery even if you have to travel out of town to do so.

Here is some information on the two doctors I have gone to for opinions. I will probably end up having the surgery done in New York.

You should also not stay local to see the best in the field. If it means getting on a plane to visit the top NY doctors, then do it. If a doctor screws up, there is no turning back. Go and do a search. I can tell you I am using Doctor Frank Camissa, Jr. in New York.[/url]

If you do a google on this man, you will be impressed with his background. The Neurosurgeon in New Jersey is Dr. Gregory Przybylski Director of Neurosurgery at the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute, JFK Medical Center, Edison, New Jersey.[/url]

Good Luck

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