Another human case of bird flu infection occurred but this one got scientists more worried than the previous ones as it raised suspicion that the virus had mutated.

The reason to believe such thoughts and predictions is that the virus that got a young Chinese truck driver infected did so during a warm day. This is so untypical because the virus usually thrives in low temperatures and strikes in colder months, the period between October and March being the most critical.

Infection that occurred during a warm month put scientists at unease and they started the wonder if the virus mutated and became infectious all year long or if this meant that there will be an outbreak in the winter months.

What if it turns out that the virus became more violent and spread that the health experts predicted? Then we may be in big problem and our infection risk very high!

A Chinese truck driver that got infected was at the market where he ate chicken but didn’t report being close to live poultry. He was very ill when he was admitted to the hospital.

Chinese authorities are taking measures in order to prevent any further outbreaks and are watching the situation. Chicken sales have dramatically fallen down.