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I had my wisdom teeth removed and one side got affected. The Dr prescribed me Amoxicillin x3 daily. I took 2 pills within about 6-7 and had unprotected sex when he did ejaculate inside of me. I've been on the Nuvaring for about 5 months and it's been working. Could I be pregnant? 


After the birth of the child, she thought about the protection from unwanted pregnancy. My gynecologist assigned me a drug YAZ. Of the use of YAZ, there were no side effects. Neither weight gain nor headache. The only pobochka concerned libido, which pumped up. For 7 years of pregnancy use was not. Monthly became regular, without pain, not abundant. Did breaks for a year. From the experience of using the drug I conclude: the drug is good, effective, well tolerated by the body, without nasty side effects. 

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