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I have been on birth control for about two years. Last night me and my boyfriend had sex without a condom. For this month i have taken three days of my birth control pills with out missing doses. Will my birth control be effective or do i need to take emergency contraception?


If I understand that you have kept to the regime recommended by the manufacture, then that is enough to say that in principle, you are protected according to the manufacturer's 'warranty' - no contraception is 100% effective.

That alone should then alert you that if you really are concerned, and sex without a condom is a rare event, then yes, to cover the slim chance that the birth control has not been effective despite adhering to the schedule, then you may indeed elect to use a morning-after contraceptive - Plan B seems popular on this site - though double check the FAQ's on the manufacturer's site for possible side effects and conditions for use.

That will take care of 7 in 8 unwanted conceptions, according to their website.

If you still manage to be pregnant despite normal birth control, and emergency birth control, then you still have the right to termination in western democracies, but you might also wonder why the universe is so utterly determined to get you pregnant.

Bear in mind that before the AIDs hysteria, crisis, whatever, and before the invention of the morning after pill, you would have been a perfectly normal, rational, careful human being to have simply been on the first of all these, the normal, everyday, pill, and yes, we did manage to have an immense amount of fun, thank you.

In some ways it was a lot easier, more romantic, and less fraught than 'you look nice, would you mind wearing this, I don't trust that you may not be a disease carrier', but times change.

If in doubt, check it out - ask a doctor or clinic, or here simply take the emergency contraception.

(The reason I ask if sex without a condom is a rare event, is that you would not want to take the emergency contraception on a regular basis in addition to the pill without first contacting the manufacturer or reading the website for possible side effects).