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I have been bleeding since my surgery on the 20th. Today has been an akward day much like day 4 after my surgery. After day 4 I had gel-like bowel movements. I was afraid there was an infection. I am showing no other signs indicating that and 2 BM's later things were fine.

Moving to today... I have had clotting in my stools. And while I am a woman and any woman can relate to the clotting. It's rather weird coming from your anus. This happened before I had my surgery and I thought it was because of the hemorrhoids, but now I am thinking not?

Can anyone else out there relate? %-)


Is this a repeat post? I'll post here just to make sure that I'm not missing anything. IT seems to me that the bleeding is coming from the stitches still. I am pretty sure that's the source, and in light of your surgery, it is probably the reason. Now, a good idea would be to talk to your doctor about it just to ensure that you are recovering properly. Keep us posted.