The simple answer is yes.

I started posting on here almost two years ago as I was recovering from a hemorrhoidectomy. It was undoubtedly the worst experience of my life. It took a month for the pain to stop and 2-months to be completely healed. But even with the painful recovery and slow healing process it was definitely worth it.

They say about 50% of people who have a hemorrhoidectomy will get hemorrhoids again. To this day this is always in the back of my mind. Every time I cough I tighten up my ass for fear of blowing out a roid. 

The painful BM's after surgery taught me to get on and off the pot as quickly as possible. I used to sit on the toilet and read the paper. This was perhaps the single worse thing you can do. My BM's now last for maybe a minute of two.

When I think about the twenty plus years I dealt with hemorrhoids before surgery I'm glad I did it. I actually feel normal. I used to hate pushing my hemorrhoids back in after every BM or not being able to do the activities I wanted to do. Those days are long gone...or so I hope.

I am always mindful that I might blow a roid one day. But after two years I haven't felt anything close to them coming back. So I hope I'm the 50% that never has them return.

For those of you considering the surgery or in the early stages of recovery my heart goes out to you. It's a horrible recovery that takes forever. But just know, in the long run you will be so happy you did it and to feel normal again.