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Hello Everyone,

I don’t usually post on these types of forums but this forum really helped me with my recovery and I told myself I would share my experience and advice once I’m feeling better. So today is day 10 after my surgery and I feel 90% better and heres how my recovery went: First I would like to give you some background information. I’m a 21 year old university student. I have had hemorrhoids on and off since I was 14 mostly because my diet did not include much finer and I would always strain. Also it is probably hereditary since my dad also suffered from roids and had this surgery when he was young as well. I changed my diet in the last year completely to the point where I cook my meals and developed healthy bowel patterns. The only problem is that I still had Hemorrhoids. I had 2 hemorrhoids that would prolapse no matter if I strained or not. They would usually go back in on their own but in the last 3 months they wouldn’t go back in unless I used my finger to push them back in. Worst of all they started coming out at night while I was sleeping and I would have to wake up in the middle of the night to push them back in. I got fed up and decided I wanted to live like a normal person again and found a good surgeon who would do this operation. I could not get the rubber band technique because the surgeon said these hemorrhoids were not above the dentae line and they were considered external even though they were inside. He said if he put rubber bands on I would hate him from the pain I would experience. Weird right? Anyways he scheduled me for surgery and heres how it went.

Day 1 (day of surgery): I had to use a dulcolax suppository to clear the lower portion of my colon before the surgery. I was worried because my bowel movement was only a few hard pellets and I felt like I didn’t really clear myself. I called the hospital and they said this is ok. I was not too worried because I did research on my surgeon and I knew he was a good one. I went in for surgery with no worries and all I remember is falling asleep 5 seconds after getting the IV in my arm then waking up in another room. I felt no pain and was discharged after my anesthetic worn off. As soon as I got home my mom went to go buy me all my meds and creams while I took a nap. As soon as I woke up from my nap 2 hours later I could feel the throbbing pain in my butt and needed to take 2 tylenol 3s every 4 hours. The pain was a 7/10 and would feel better with the pain killers but would return and feel very uncomfortable 3 hours later once the pain meds began to wear off. I took a sitz bath once every 3 hours with epsom salts to keep the area clean and relax. Also I couldn’t urinate and was scared I would have to go back to the hospital to get a catheter so I began experimenting. What worked for me was to start a warm shower and not get fully into it but put my hand and foot under warm running water from the shower and relax. It was difficult but it worked and it was better than getting a catheter.

Day 2: I did not get much sleep the night before. Once again the pains I had were 7/10 even with the pain meds but i kept myself distracted by watching movies in bed. I would take 1 hour naps and then wake up and try to walk a little bit and eat very light foods such as soup and soft fruits and steamed vegetables. Urinating was still difficult and I had to use my shower method. Once again I could not sleep much during the night because I had to constantly wake up to take either pain killers or a stool softener. Keep in mind you have to take pain killers/laxatives/stool softeners 2 hours apart from each other so they do not interfere with each other. I still did not have a BM but kept eating light soft foods and taking my stool softeners.

Day 3: Pretty much same as previous 2 days consisted of baths, pee showers, pain meds, and short naps. I was really worried that I still haven’t had a bowel movement especially considering that I didn’t completely empty myself before the surgery. I took a Senokot laxative 2 hours before bed and then my stool softener before bed. I could finally fall asleep for 3 hours until the sharp pains would wake me which I would have to take my pain meds then take a bath waiting for the meds to kick in and then go back to bed for 3 hours and repeat.

Day 4: For breakfast I had ground oatmeal, 2 prunes, 2 apricots, 2 figs. Also instead of coffee I began to make a compote from prunes, apricots, figs, and apples. This is an amazing replacement to tea/coffee and helps with the bm. I took another senokot and could kind of feel a bm coming. An hour later I felt an urge and started the bathtub. The doctor recommended that I have my first bm in the bathtub but I couldn’t because anytime I would submerge my urge would go away so I had to use my toilet. Bad news, I was constipated. For an hour my urges came and went as soon as I sat down. Finally i got fed up and the next urge decided to push. My stool was hard and felt too big for my passage even though it was average size and it was very difficult to get it out. The pain was the worst I felt in my life and I felt very lightheaded and nauseous. Good thing I had my painkillers beside me I popped 2 and hopped in the warm tub which was already prepared. After that I was swollen, tired, in pain, and traumatized. I spent the rest of the day in bed, taking baths, and pain killers. Once again at night I had 3 sleeping sessions. I continued to eat light fruits and veggies and even had a tiny piece of baked salmon with some brown rice for dinner.

Day 5: Woke up feeling much better than the previous days. Pain was a 3/10 when walking and laying down and I felt like I was beginning to make progress. Had the same breakfast as the day before but did not have the urge. For lunch I had kefir with bran and that got me going. (I was probably lacking probiotics which the kefir has) I was still constipated and passed a BM even more painful than the last one! I also ripped a few stitches and thought I developed an anal fissure. I became really depressed and thought I was going to be one of the unlucky ones who had complications with the surgery. I decided to stop taking the pain killers 4 hours after that bowel movement and became even more anxious. The fact that I just had a surgery in such a sensitive area and thought I had complications made me emotionally and mentally weak and I broke down and cried to my mom as I lost all hope. My mom helped relax me by massaging my feet and then rubbing my back and neck which really helped since I was sleeping and laying in awkward positions the last few days and was very stiff. This really helped to relax and calm me down.

Day 6: I decided to change my attitude and focus on aiding myself more to recover. I focused on improving the bowel movements since thats what seemed to really be my issue in this recovery. I found on some forums advice on squatting and breathing while having a BM. I also got my sister to buy me those squishy foam stress balls and would squeeze them anytime I was in pain or would use them for my BMs. I had my typical breakfast and felt a BM coming. I got a stepping stool which helped me squat and this time I focused on breathing and let the muscles do there work. Do not push at all. I felt it coming and it hurt once again but I kept focusing on breathing and squished the stress balls to take my mind off the pain. The pain was much more better it worked! Pain went down from a 10/10 to a 5/10. The poop was also much softer and would continue to be soft for the upcoming days. I took a bath right after and then went to lay down and take a nap. I did not take any pain killers since I told myself to stop because of it’s constipating and mental effects from the day before and took one tylenol instead. I also forgot to mention I got my mom to buy a big aloe vera leaf. I would cut a piece off and peel it and then put the jelly between my butt cheeks and lay on my stomach for a bit and then take it out after 40 mins but leave the juices there that it had. This was soothing and maybe even aided in my recovery. After my 3 hour nap I felt great and could even walk and sit without much discomfort. I was still eating light soft foods and taking stool softeners as I now had a fear of constipation. I listened to bob marley most of the day to calm me down and give me a positive attitude. I highly recommend this during bms or just anytime of your recovery because his music is relaxing and has lyrics such as “Don’t worry every thing is going to be alright” and this really helps because being positive is a big part of this recovery.

Day 7: Felt like I was making progress. Every day felt better and better. I did not have a bm this day but still put my aloe vera in my bum. I still kept taking a bath every 4 hours. These last few days my routine for creams has been anusol hc in the morning and at night before bed and aloe vera chunks after my mid day bath. I went for a 1km walk outside and felt amazing. I added meat for the first time back into my diet by eating a little bit of ground turkey with mashed potatoes and salad for dinner. Still kept taking stool softeners and did not take any pain killers or tylenol. Also my peeing habits returned to normal and I can now pee without running water.

Day 8: Had my first full night of sleep without any interruptions. Continued my daily breakfast and felt a bm coming. Got the stepping stool, bath tub running, bob marley playing, stress balls, and breathing and was ready for my BM. This time it was a 3-4/10 and I could see improvement. I stilll had to take a short bath and a 1 hour nap after but with no meds and this was great. I did notice more stitches came undone and this made it difficult to sit again. I called my surgeon and asked to see him the next day.

Day 9: Once again had amazing sleep and was able to do 1.5km walks outside. Had my daily breakfast and had my bm and which I now always do squatting,breathing, with stress balls in my hand. Once again better than the day before. Took a quick bath, 30 minute nap and then went for a walk. Made a nice big 3 egg veggie omelette for lunch and felt amazing except I couldn’t sit because for some reason it hurt. I went to see my surgeon around 5pm and he took out some of the stitches. It hurt while he took them out but the relief after was amazing! I could finally sit again and had nothing poking me and my butt felt amazing an hour later. Especially because I put more aloe chunks there after he did it. I felt so good that I had chicken breast with quinoa and salad for dinner and cheated with popcorn later. I got a bit scared because you’re not supposed to eat popcorn because it doesn’t digest well and may scratch your wounds. I still felt a bit sore and a little bit swollen but felt better than ever (since surgery). I also had metamucil before bed time to make my stools more bulky.

Day 10: I added coffee back into my diet with my breakfast. Right after that i had the urge and as soon as I squatted it came out. The pain was probably a 2/10 and the popcorn did no damage. I didn’t even have to take a bath but decided to do it just because. I lay down for 10 minutes and felt like I am 90% recovered. Each day gets better and better and I feel amazing. I still have a little bit of swelling down there but this is normal and will go away with time.

The success of this surgery I would say mainly depends on the steps you take to heal and to get the best results here is the most important advice I can give you to aid in your recovery:

-Read Tacomaguy’s guide on recovery.

-Change your diet to high fibre a week before your surgery so you don’t run into constipation problems like I did which I feel was the biggest problem and setback in my recovery.

-Find a good surgeon who you are comfortable with. Check his reviews online.

-After the surgery keep a very nutritious, light, healthy diet that is high in fibre

-Take your stool softeners regularly because soft stools is the single most important part in your recovery.

-Have a warm drink with breakfast. Instead of tea or coffee make a compote from dried fruits in boiling water (takes 15 minutes). It also gets your bowels soft and moving.

-If you can’t pee then turn on a warm shower, put your hand and foot into the running water, relax, and pee in the tub.

-Get off the pain killers as soon as you can to avoid constipation

-Have someone to take care of you (go buy you bath salts, medication, cook for you, someone to talk to, someone to give you light massages) it really helps!

-Listen to positive and relaxing music, watch funny and positive movies to keep you distracted and to kill time -Squat on a stepping stool and breath during a bm it really makes a big difference!

-Take warm baths with epsom salts regularly and apply anusol hc in morning and before bed. I liked the aloe vera chunks halfway through the day after a bath maybe that contributed to my speedy recovery.

-Try to go for light walks outside after the first 3-4 days.

-Add metamucil after a week to have bulkier stools to avoid stenosis.

-I forgot to mention I would have a table spoon of flax oil every day which aids with inflammation and lubes your insides.

-Keep a positive mindset. Yes there will be a lot of pain at times but focus on healing better so you have a faster recovery. You are not the only person who is going to have this surgery thousands get it a year and go through the pain physically, emotionally, and mentally.

During the first few days I regretted getting the surgery but as soon as I changed my mindset and improved my BMs things became a lot better and I am happy I did this surgery now. My next follow up with my surgeon is in 2 weeks and I will post here after that. If you have any questions please post here and I will try to answer as soon as I can.


Hi, I have stage 2 hemorrhoid. do you recommend surgery for me? I have small external hemorrhoid. the size of a green pea. last 3 months i got thrombosed hems, very painful to sit down. Now the thrombose is gone but still I can feel pain when I sit on an office chair in a different position. I work mostly in computers thats why always feel the slight pain and I always feel uneasy. when I walk I dont feel the pain, only when sitting. To give you a scale of my hemorrhoids. When the surgeon first exam my hems. He told me to lie down in bed and open my pants. At first he told me I dont see any hems, then He inserted his fingers inside my anus and touch the inside wall and said " does it hurt?" I said no. then he check for more inside and out. After the diagnose he said I have stage 2 hemorrhoids. internal and external very small. He said "I dont recommend surgery because yours is very small" So we talk for a while about the pain and then I went home. When I got home, I was thinking, even though he said that my hems is in stage 2. I still want to have the surgery because all the meds and creams doesnt work. I know that the only way to resolve the pain is to have a surgery no matter what your stage in 2, 3 or 4. As long it makes you very weak and uneasy I think thats is a good indicator that you need the surgery. 



OP, your recovery story is awesome. I know it will help many others.

I am responding to the second poster even though this is a highjack of the op. If you have only stage 2 hemorrhoids, you should be able to have them heal by changing your diet. For most people, this surgery is a nightmare and I wouldn't be wanting to jump into it too quickly. Even though I had stage 4 hemmies, my surgeon tried talking me out of the surgery. I was one of the lucky ones with hardly any pain but that is not the norm so be prepared for excrutiating pain if you decide to go through with it. My advice is to listen to your doctor and fix your diet.



I totally agree with Danielle. I actually had stage 2 hemorrhoids just like you described a few years back. Got rid of them by changing my diet which is difficult at first but you get used to it. Then I got lazy and went back to my old habits which lead me to having a more serious problem and needing surgery. I would try everything you can before getting this surgery. Change your lifestyle completely, eat healthy and excercise because if you get the surgery and keep your bad habits then they will come back. After getting this surgery I will always eat healthy, excercise, and keep regular and soft bowel movements for the rest of my life as I see how important it is. Since I regulated my BM's I noticed an overall improvement in my health. I have a flatter stomach and my acne went away, I even have more energy nowadays.