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I am 28 weeks pregnant had hemorrhoidectomy on Jan 1st and now still in excruciating pain...i am so hopeless I feel like letting go.

On my 20th week I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes...on the 23rd I started having bad case of constipation. I never had problem going to the toilet before...I usually spend 5 minutes top when I need to do my business...this time though was a total different experience. The first time I had a very bad case of constipation I phone my Obstretrician and told me to ake fleet. I did, I was able to go thankfully...but that was just the start of everything. After that I started having bad to worst constipation and of course hemorrhoids appeared. The first time it appeared it went away on its own...everyone told me that hemorrhoids are common occurrence during pregnancy so I tried to not panic. Every time I poop more hemorrhoids pop out straining or obe prescribed me a topical cream...the hemorrhoidss disappeared..until it didnt. On jan 1st I had three massive hemorrhoids that was hurting so bad I couldnt sit, stand or lay down. I went to the emergency room and they told me I have three thrombose  hemorrhoids I will need surgery. Somehow I felt relieve...yes the surgery will fix everything...the pain that i have been through for the past three weeks will be over soon. I was fearful for the surgery but feeling hopeful at the same time...i just wanted to have my normal life back. I had the surgery on monday at 6pm and was home on tuesday at 2pm. They gave me pain killers...I took them religiously. They also gave me lactulose to make everything go smoothly. On wednesday i had the urge to go for the first time after the surgery. It was ass was burning , I had diarrhea. I told my doctor and she said to take 15ml of lactulose once a day instead of twice a day. Friday I had another urge to go...this time it wasnt diarrhea it was rock hard solid. I tried not to strain and push and let it happen on its was so painful I feel like my ass was getting ripped. Finally after 15 mins of pain a little pebble like poop came out...half poop half blood. I still felt there was more stuck in me. I felt very uncomfortable...I was shaking and in incredible pain. I ask my husband to spray me licodeine and he then said...oh my I think u have another hemorrhoids. I lost it there...I just went bat sh*t crazy and start crying hysterically. We went to the emergency room they pump me some pain killers and put ointment on my ass. I felt a little better but still very uncomfortable with the poop stuck in me. Doctor came in and check on my ass...told me if I can deal with the pain right there she can manually get the poop out. Yes I had impacted poop and only way to get it out was this way or an operation. She went a head and stick her finger in me and manually pull the poop out. It was painful but everytime she takes something out i feel relieve lighter. She told me that those poop were probably very old and got stuck in there thats why I cant go and i should feel better now. She said that my next journey to the toilet shouldnt be so so hard since the clogged is gone. And yah that other hemorrhoids that my husband told I have us actually just an inflammation so she said. They sent me home... Whatever they put in me it has wear off...the pain is back but its manageable. Now i just feel so alone and hopeless...i am so sick and tired of this...ive been dealing with this for about 1 month and i dont see me getting better. Everytime i wake up and i feel bad because of the fear of going to the toilet and going through the same pain. I just want everything to be over. I am on my day 5 after surgery but i dont feel any better. Other than the physical pain i feel so drained emotionally. This is my first pregnancy...ive been married for 6 yrs and been trying ang trying finally i got pregnant last year. I was so happy...i thought everything will be alright now. I didnt know i will have to suffer like this. I want to look at the positive things but its not easy when all i have the past month is pain. And yes i eat lots of fiber, drink lots of water and walk atl east 30 mins everyday...i wish this will be over soon but I know i will have to suffer more before it gets any better..i just really hope i survive it.


ABM33, sorry for what you are going through, and even with the physical challenges of pregnancy. The only hope I can give you is to say that it is still very early in your recovery. I had extreme pain the first 3 weeks at least. The first few days were awful, way worse than expected. Most days I wondered if I was having more pain as time went on, but then I'd have a slightly better day overall. The more frequent the bm's, the worse my day went. Besides doing all the comfort measures like warm sitz baths, some ice packs, pain meds, most important for me was keeping my bm's at the right consistency, which was very soft and kind of fluffy, not loose. Too loose meant too frequent which caused more and longer residual pain. At 5 weeks It still takes long to recover from a bm but if I have more than 1 or 2 in a day it's too much, so now I am aiming to keep my bm's very soft but formed, like a long smooth sponge. Everyone has their own combo of keeping their stools going and everyone's different. At your stage in recovery I just wanted to survive and not have diarrhea.

You are not alone. This is a very hard, slow recovering process for many people. You will get better. Best to you and your baby.