I am on Trinessa medium strength birth control pills. I started my pack on the 18th of December. I never take my pills at the same time, usually around the same few hours though. I took my first. Week but missed one pill. I took it the next day as I always do when I miss. But on week two, I missed two pills in a row, so I took three pills on one day. Right after I took all those pills I started breakthrough bleeding all through the end of week two and three. (It was brown spotting then a full period for a week). I obviously wasn't supposed to bleed until week 4, my sugar pills. But I assume I got my period early from missing that many pills. During the bleeding (Week 2 and 3) I continued to take all my pills, but on Week 3 I missed one pill, but took it the day after. On my very last active pill on the pack (week 3 before sugar pills), I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he ejaculated inside of me. We are not trying to conceive right now but I was worried because of how many pills I missed (4 total) and how messed up my period was that I could be pregnant. Please help me!