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so er dunno what to say my girlfriend is six weeks pregnant our third child BUT she calls me at work to tell me that she has had watery discharge with blood pain all down the left side of her body especially her shoulder and cramp in her stomach there is no known reaosn for this as our first baby was no probs ( now 2yrs old) our second baby was a slight issue in the final trie thing what you call it i havent a clue but she got the syptoms of that pre clamp thing ( sorry im a man dont remeber sorry bout this and please be patient) it turned out to be a more seriuos condition that only happens in late pregnancy however we did not expect to be facing problems with the exceptio of morning sickness this early on i reasearched it and its says it has three possiblitys 1/ baby fine nowt to worry bout 2 sist in womb 3 optic pegnancy i think thats what its called i mean there wasnt muh blood but there is pain for her she is due a scan in the morning to get a clearer picture of whats happening im fearing the worst should i ? i will ost the outcome as the next few nightmare days go on lol.


Light spotting during the first trimester can sometimes just be a disturbing but run of the mill early pregnancy sign. Mind you, blood, pain, and heavy cramps sound a lot more worrying than just a little pink discharge without other symptoms. What your girlfriend is experiencing could be miscarriage symptoms or the signs of an ectopic pregnancy, like you said. 

I'm glad she's getting a scan. In the meantime, if she runs a fever or feels a sharp, stabbing pain, or feels dizzy and seems confused, do go to the ER as that could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy rupturing.