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My husband had quadruple bypass surgery November 2015 and just recently started suffering sever pain like a muscle pulled in his chest. We know what happened. He was trying to pull out a trash can that was stuck in another trash can. Turns out he broke the two top wires that are holding his sternum together. Cardiologist says the wires have to be replaced and he'll have to cut the sternum again and redo the sternum portion of the surgery in spite of it healing so well. He said it's just as severe as the original surgery...honestly, it was as though he was trying to talk my husband out of doing the  surgery. My thing is, the wires gave, not the sternum. The sternum held.

 Has anyone had the wires removed?  Can they be removed? Were lost as to what to do.


I had CABGx4, Feb 29th, 2016. Just a few days ago, I got back in bed, felt like something just started poking me in my chest near the left breast. Lasted for several hours. Again the next morning, started hurting again same place too. I'm not sure what has happened, but I need to get an xray to figure this out . When I do, I'll let you know, cause I'm sure hoping it's not a sternum wire.