In November of 2010 I started having stomach and abdomen pains, I went for a scope and they found some Gastritis and a Hiatus Hernia, I was put on Nexuim , for a month or so everything improved but then I started devolving Chest discomfort, I was under some emotional stress as my farther had just passed away, so I initially thought it may be stress, I then started experiencing some back pain and abdomen pain, after 2 ER visits they diagnosed a low functioning Gallbladder (14%) on the HidaScan, they had done two ultrasounds, CT scan, endoscope and lots of blood work and this was the only thing they could find, everything else was normal. The surgeon recommended I have my GB removed and I went ahead, he also had a look at my liver and pancreas while he was in there and told me they look fine. 4  weeks post surgery and I still have back pain(upper back) and a burning feeling along my rib cage close to the Sternum on either side and some rear rib discomfort, since I am still taking Nexuim and do not experience heartburn , I do not believe this is GERD. I had an MRI on my back and am waiting results as my GP thinks the pain in my Sternum may be deferred pain from my upper back as these all share the same Nerve pathway. This has seriously stressed me out which does not help, I have no idea were this pain is coming from and no idea what to take for it if anything. Has anyone experienced something similar?