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i have barely started taking my low dosage birth control pills. i wanted to know if i could change the time when i take them because i alway forget and take it one or two hours later.i would also want to know if my partner could come inside me now. i was reading and it said that the pill starts to take effect 72 hours after you start taking i need to wait if i miss taking my pill at the time im supposed to and take them to hours later??does it make a difference what time i take the pill i mean i still take one everyday and i haven't missed a day?? please answer my question..


You arre supposed to take the pill at the same time everyday (roughly within an hour. say you take it at 9 am, as long as you take it 8am-10am your fine).
If you miss a pill take the miss pill as soon as you realize and then take the next pill at the regular time (EX: If you realize you forgot to take your pill at 8 and its already 12 take the pill but then tomorrow take it at 8.) If you want to change the time you take your pill at start by taking it 30 min earlier or later then normal for a few days, then 30 min earlier/later then that for a few days, ect until you reach the time you want.

I was advised by a few doctors that the pill dose not take affect until a week after you start taking it.
Since there is still a chance you can get preg even while on the pill I would advise using a condom anyway. But if you are going to not use a condom and you want your partner to cum inside you then at least wait a week or 2 of taking the pill.

Hope I helped.