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I just got on bc after being off of it a mo.I started my pack October 25th I am on day 4 of sugar pills but have no period or symptoms.The first wk of being on bc I had intercourse with my husband unprotected except for the pill. Fail to realize I was 2 days behind on my pills. 8-| I am not good at remebering to take it at the same time or everyday. Should I get a hpt or should I wait it out until I am suppose to start my new pack(sunday). Or is it normal not to start the first day you start your sugar pills?


I would go and get a pregnancy test. I know that you are supposed to use an alternate form of birth control until the bc pill has been in your system for at least a month. HOWEVER, the pill might have still been in your system. Sometimes, also the pill might throw your system off, but get a test and take it. You dont want to be taking the pill anymore if you are pregnant. Good luck, and blessings.