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Hello, I'm 15 years old. Before anyone says I'm too young, yes I know, extremely young and please understand I regret this more than anything. 29th of March, a month ago, I got way too drunk, lost my virginity. He didn't wear a condom, about 1 minute after him going at it I realised and stopped the act. The 29th was a Saturday. Yet I think we had sex around 2am on the Sunday. I got the morning after pill on the Tuesday, from an actual doctor, she said it was in the 72 hours(yes I know the earlier I take it the more chance I have of it being successful) Also, the day I had sex was the last day of my period. If that means anything. A week after taking the pill I bled for 4-5 days, basically like a period. I was due two weeks ago on the 24th of April and my period still hasn't came. My nipples are sore and I have a creamy discharge and cramping. I know I need to take a test but my parents seriously can't find out. I want to wait to see if my period comes... Because what if I tell my parents and then my period comes? Can anyone reasure me at all? Was I fertile? I know pre-ejactulation can get you pregnant but how high is the risk if I had just came off my period? And took the pill? The week after losing my virginity I cried so much, and just wanted to die, it's the only thing I regret. And please don't judge me and think I'm a s***.... Last day of period. He didn't ejaculate inside of me, I realised he wasn't wearing protection and stopped. Morning after pill taken under 72 hours later. Thoughts?


The chances are that it was not a fertile time if you have a typical 28-30 day cycle. The flow was like a normal period, so I doubt you would be pregnant.

29th March was actually a Sunday, so presumably you took the EC on Tuesday 31st. You thyen started bleeding on 7th April ( a week later), so I would expect your period to start 28-30 days from then (if that is your cycle). So that you mean about now. However, the fact you took the EC means that your next periods could arrive earlier or later that would normally be expected. I think your period could arrive within the next few days.

However, you also need to address how you willl go forward from this event. You can't pretend it didn't happen, but you can recognise the mistake, and take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.

I hope this helps as a start. If you want to chat more about it, please feel free (privately if necessary - but you would have to sign up first, and then make a public post)