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I've Been on YAZ for almost 3 months now. I have problems remembering to take the pill at the same time everyday but i take it when i remember. My boyfriend and i have unprotected sex reguarly but he pulls out (although i know this isnt a safe way, i still feel its better then ejaculating in me). The past two months(my first two months on the pill) i have had bleeding inbetween my regular periods..I was on my regular period (two days into it) when we had sex and then it [my period] stopped. I havent gotten any bleeding since but i still have about a week and a half b/4 i start my white pills. Should i worry because i havent taken my pills at the same time everyday??


You should take them everyday at the same time, this will cause you to NOT bleed as much between periods, and make sure you are the most protected.
With that being said.. YOU DO have leeway when taking the pill, up to 12 hours, until it is counted as a "missed pill".

Nuva ring or the patch could be better for you, because you do not need to worry about a pill everyday.