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Hi..I'm 16 and I had unprotected sex on friday night I'm on the loestrin pill because I was allergic to mycrogynene. I'm on this loestrin pill 3 months, last wednesday I forgot to take the pill that morning but took it a few hours later when I got home but I take my pill everyday at the same time. It was my first time having sex and he came in me, we did it for only 5 minutes but since friday my stomach is full of cramps and making loud noises. There now I went to the toilet and I see some spotting. Iv been worrying since friday maybe that's why I feel sick, if I was pregnant which I better not be my life is over :( I'm so silly I should of wore a condom but I'm taking my pill consistently and correctly everyday. Help


When taking a birth control pill if your late a few hours its okay just try not to miss a day. When you start to have sex your body will slowly change a little. You can develop some spotting after having sex for the first few times. Leftover uterine wall expels (looks like a brown/red discharge), left over hymen that did not completely rip out the first time you had sex will come out, and if you were not completely lubricated (by yourself or using lube) he could of tore you a little. Try not to worry about being pregnant because the stress will cause you to have pregnancy like symptoms and even cause your period to be late. If your period is a few days late take a pregnancy test. Birth control is not 100% in preventing pregnancy so try to use condoms also. Good Luck