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My gf and i have been sexually active for a couple months now. we are 15 and she is starting to have signs of being pregnant but it doesnt seem possible.Weve always used a condom and the first 2 out of 3 times weve had sex, i did not come at all other than precum which since i didnt come before that, it shouldnt have any sperm in it. None of the condoms broke and the one time i did come i pulled out and saw the condom wasnt broken due to the fact it as holding all the sperm. Were worried because shes having nausia, headaches, chest pains, once she eats she says its like she hasnt eaten at all, shes late on her period by about a week but shes always had irregular periods. Im just hoping shes not pregnant and that its somthing else! Thanks


Quote:i want to highlight the 'NAUSEA'..So far that i concern, having a nausea means 'something' is wrong with the person esp if the person is a girl n had a sex b4 with her bf! I think ur gf should take a pregnancy test A.S.A.P to confirm whether she's really pregnant o not! If she's pregnant, don't get panic! 

Moreover, she's late on her period, right? So dude, pregnancy test is the best choice now. It can be bought from pharmacy o leading store near u.

That's all..