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My girlfriend started taking a new birthcontrol after having blood pressure issues and is now on Lutera. We went the first month protected and havent had protected sex since. I make sure to wipe off any existing pre-cum before inserting and pull out 3-6 seconds before i ejaculate. Her next period is due in a week and 3 days. She has been gaining a bit a weight all winter long and come February she weight around 95 lbs. shes about 5 ft 2 in. about a week ago she weighed around 105 lbs. Headaches are a daily thing with her so im not worried when she has a headache but today she had some cramping and that was it. she says she doesnt feel any different shes mainly just worried because of the weight gain.


Ok! I doubt very much your girlfreind is pregnant, because the 1st thing isn't weight gain. It is swollen breasts, and very tender breasts, back ache, some discharge, hip pain and nausea ESPECIALLY to fried food. Her weight gain will be from the new pills and also if she is on blood pressure medication.

NOW for you young man! When you were taking sex ed, did they ever tell you about how it just takes 1 little sperm to change your life? Not to mention your girlfriends life. It doesn't matter if you wipe, pull out or stand on your head! If one of your guys gets loose in there his whole main purpose is to get to the egg. And NOTHING will stop him. Did you also know that you can still get her pregnant, even if you ejaculate right outside her? Sperm can live for 72 hours and swim great distances to finish what you started! So you HAVE to wear a condom everytime. Keep thinking to yourself, "Condom or Baby" " Condom or Baby?" etc. etc. You are so accurate about what you do and don't do, and her weight and health issues, so obviously you care. So do yourself and her a favor and care a little more about the both of you! If you DO NOT want a baby right now, do everything possible that you DON'T HAVE A BABY RIGHT NOW! OK? Good luck to both of you!