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Heres the situation,

I had protected sex with my gf 10-11 weeks ago. I did not ejaculate inside her and we figured it would be alright. no broken condom ect. However, the last two days my gf has been stressing b/c she felt sick today and yesturday. However, Im also thinking that its only 10-11 days in if she was concepted on that day. So, that seems wayy too early for such a thing to occur. I also have ulcerative collitis which have drugs that give me a low sperm count to add onto this. So is it most likely she will be fine? Her period is this week and today is 28th day but shes rlly freaking me out with this nausea business. Oh also her hormones have been at the minimal for her period this month such as her boobs not really growing, very little pmsing ect. But, she says this has happened before.


Hey, bf1097.

I will tell you that i think you have nothing to really worry about. As long as what you said is all how it happened, no accidents or condom breaking, there is pretty much no chance.

I am assuming that sex is a new part of your and her's relationship. I think she is stressing too much about it (which can cause her period to be late) tell her to relax, and that it will be ok. If you only had sex 10-11 days ago, it would be too early to start having symptoms.

Tell her to relax, and that stressing out over it will only cause her to have a later period, and thus have some symptoms that may LOOK like shes pregnant (sickness, fatigue, etc)

dont worry, you guys will be ok.