Hi there,
So I've been taking antibiotics because I get recurring urinary tract infections. I've been getting them since september and I thought they were getting better, like i was having them less and less but lately I've been getting them more again. I'll get them about once every 2 weeks or so lasting a couple days. Anyways the doctor always prescribes the same thing for me everytime. Well I got one last friday, and it hasnt gone away yet, usually when im on the antibiotics it only takes 3-4 days but it's been more than a week this time! It's driving me absolutely insane because its very painful and I don't really want to go to the bathroom. I've been drinking lots of water and ive taken my antibiotics everyday, which usually relieves the pain within a couple of hours but lately its been getting longer and longer untill it does almost nothing it seems. Anyways I was wondering if its possible that the bacteria is becoming resitant to the antibiotic? Dpes anyone have any advice?