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I'm frustrated.

I've been having a side pain off and on for almost three years now. I've been going on and off to the hospital or to the doctor and they always say its UTIs or 'unknown.' They would give me medication but the UTI would come back even if I drink 16-20oz of water a day. One time I took cranberry pills for a month with the water and I still end up with a UTI.

Not only that but the side pains that would run towards my genitals or lower area near my bladder. It varies from a sharp pain to a minor one off and on; never lasting. Sometimes its so bad that I can't eat or drink the whole day and when I do its always nausea/vomiting.

Now I just finished my antibiotics and I've been suffering from nausea/vomiting/dizziness/loss of breath for a whole month now. I've been to the doctor but she just tested for STDs/HIV even though I haven't had sex in over 3-4 years.

Could this be a kidney infection? I had a MRI and it came up clean both times (only for a UTI again.)


Hello InDespair, 

I definitely can understand your choice of username given your story. Urinary tract infections recurring this often and for this long are - as you obviously know yourself - not the diagnosis you can live with or get cured. If you have been taking antibiotics often, there is a very big chance the bacteria causing your symptoms has became tolerant and even some of your symptoms might be caused by too frequent antibiotic use. They tend to kill off the good bacteria as well as the infectious one, and this mainly causes intestinal problems. 

What you described to me sounds more like bladder infection or pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease actually can develop as a result of frequent UTIs, so I think you should pressure your doctors to look into this further.