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I'm 15 years old and stressed to the point of no return. I've dealt with stress before but it hasn't been this bad ever.... i get irritated sooo easily now i actually scare myself, every time my mom talks i feel like screaming and i'am not like that we use to be best friends and now i cant stand being around her no matter what and i cant figure out why... :-S My parents are divorced so their fights get me angry and I've just been so upset and angry! School hasnt been easy i'am passing but every time i do something wrong the first thing that comes to mind is "ur gonna fail ur a loser u have no future" thats not how i usually am! i am usually relaxed and don't let things get to me but lately i cant control my anger or how upset i get i have no hope relationship with my boyfriend isnt helping at all either....some days its amazing we have a great time and everything goes perfect and other days i don't know what is gonna happen i get so upset i cant control how much i cry or i get angry to the point i just wanna punch a wall...just everything is driving me up a wall! I've never been like this before and i'am slowly breaking down i feel like everything is going wrong and i cant control anything! i need tips on how to relax I've tried EVERYTHING nothing is working!! Its been going on waaay to long and i need help before something bad happens i can feel this anger just adding up HELP ME PLEASE! :'(


Call your dad and tell him what has been happening in your life. Maybe you can stay with him for a little while so that you and your mom can cool things down a little. Maybe you should see your bf less often. You need to give yourself some space.


You are having hormone rage!! you at at the stage where everything is goes bad, but can be fixed easily.
YOU make a Dr. appointment as early as possible, for your self, and go to it, tell them how you are feeling, & also ask to be placed on the birth control pill at this time, the birth control pills have a calming effect on the raging hormones, and you will have regular periods tooo!!!!
the raging hormones is a temp, you will out grow it, but better to have them under control now, then to end up thinking you are lost and have to catch up.

The Parent thing, well they will fight, so don't have them talk to each other, and you control what goes on, who and when you to see who. (if there is one then one, all goes the same for them, oldest is the leader)

So make that Dr. appointment now and you will feel better soon


Hi DV ~

You said you tried everything but none of them worked right for you...

why not try to sit in a corner and do the inhale-exhale breathing exercise for about 5 mins..

Try to listen on mellow music ~~

Just don't hold your feelings, as much as possible express it ...