I've been engaged for about a year now to an awesome guy, we have a great relationship and usually can manage to talk all of our problems out, never really mad at each other (Im not saying we dont have our arguments, but we argue til it's settled and all is well again) I have a 4 yr old daughter who loves him like he's her dad (she has a strong distaste for her real father) and he loves her like that's his baby and that's more than I ever could have asked for.
This last couple weeks tho, sex hasnt been the best. Both of us are wanting it but I dont know it feels rushed or he seems distracted making me uninterested towards the end. Last night he came to the conclusion I want to hook up with someone else in which he told me I can but I dont and the fact he even said that made me burst into tears and not want to talk to him. We've had an open relationship since the start just because we're both young (he's 22 and Im 23) and nothing's changed on that part but neither of us have actually done it since we've been together and I know he's not since if he's not at work he's with me or if one of us goes out we have a tendancy to check in with the other a lot. I just dont know why he'd think I want to be with anyone else, and I've told him I'm not interested in anyone but him but I just dont get the feeling he believes me.
I have told him lately sex feels rushed and I've been feeling neglected and ignored. I have a couple spots where the sensitivity is so high it's uncomfortable and he knows about them and those have been the spots he's been going after and that in turn makes me push him away and THAT makes him think I'm uninterested. I just dont know what to do right now. I've been having issues with my immune system (I have HSV-2 and on valtrex for it but I've been breaking out constantly but that's lowering my immune system so I've been on and off antibiotics while my dr is still trying to figure out why my immune system is suppressed) And of course, all of this happens after I start feeling better and have more energy but I also wonder if it's the fact we havent had a night out or something since we havent gone out as a couple in almost a month (either I was just too sick or tired) Any suggestions?