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hi.. may i know what is the explanation of this?

define density in the left upper thoracic area. true cardiac size could nit be properly assessed due to elevated diaphram (expiratory film).

remarks: suggest apico lordotic view for further evaluation.


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Hi so most likely what happened is the doctor saw something suspicious in the upper part of your chest. Also when reading a chest X-ray one of the things you do is look at the heart size . When you exhale the space in your chest gets smaller so it might make the heart look larger than it is which is why they are recommending another x-ray. Also the apico lordotic view is a fancy name for a special position of an X-ray that allows the doctor  see parts of your upper chest and lungs that are usually covered by your upper ribs and collar bone. They are doing this to get a better look at the “suspicious densities in upper thorax”


hope this helps