Hi. I’m looking for some reassurance about this pill. I have been to the doctors already and seen a nurse but I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience. 

Ive hurt my back (spasms and clicking). It’s not clear what has caused it but I’ve been waiting to see a back pain specialist.  On the day I hurt my back 3 weeks ago I forgot to take my pill (moved to Desogestrel from cerelle a few months back).  About a week ago I began needing a wee every 2 minutes (only when laid down on a night) - I thought this may be to do with my back.  4 days ago I suddenly got stabbing pains in my lower left abdomen (may or may not be related).  Then the following day I had brown discharge after opening my bowels. I’ve never had so much as a spot of discharge or blood since starting the pill 8 years ago.  I’ve also got what feels like period pain cramps in my lower abdomen which are intermittent and not too painful. I feel like I’m getting an occasional twinge behind my belly button. My back - weirdly - is feeling quite a lot better in all this but pain now moved to the other side.

I think I’m making links that aren’t there so mainly those who have had brown discharge did you have period like pains? ANd could a missed pill 3 weeks ago be the cause? Thanks!