I’ve been late for fours days for my period, but i’ve had cramping, headaches, and felt bloated for around a week now. the cramping is majority on my lower abdomen, and the headaches only happen when i’m on the bus to get to classes. i’ve had protected sex three times and unprotected once with my boyfriend from my last period, two days before my ovulation date, a week before my period, and two days before i expected it. after the third time, we noticed i was bleeding after he fingered me and brown discharge ended up on my underwear a few hours later. the time we had unprotected sex was a day before we had protected sex the second time, he only did it for a few seconds before pulling out: he did masturbate before and after. i’ve been stressing about this ever since then, thinking i’m pregnant, and i’ll be taking an hpt soon. i’ve also noticed watery like discharge on my underwear when i feel like i’m having my period. am i stressing too much over a regular, late period, am i pregnant, or is it something else?

About my period: the cycles are about 25-26 days, the longest cycle was 32 days which was before i thought about having sex. i never payed attention to my period symptoms before, but i did notice acne, bloating, cramps, and mood swings which are all relevant to my late one.

I’ve been searching and reading and many of these boards on various sites and the articles have been giving me hope that it’s just another late period- which i have experienced a few times the past few years ever since i started. But, i’ve been worrying more recently with my boyfriend, so i’m not sure. Any sort of help would be great.

Thanks you!