im 19, a few weeks ago I had an awful dull ache around my lower back, and when I went to the doctors I was told I have a muscle spasm. The pain went within a week.

However, a week or so later I now have a dull (on and off) ache around the lower”right hip area, which can radiate upwards a little. I’m only writing this now as the pain is more persistent today. I feel like if I press down a certain area around my lower back or hip, it can radiate the dull ache and even sent it down my leg whilst I was at work the other week.  Every time I google my symptoms it says I can have IBS, as I have had lower abdomen pains, I have been more ‘gassy’, but I don’t know.

I have been doing research and I was also wondering if it can be down to my spine, as the lower part of my spine goes more inward inward (possibly due to postures and it causes my lower abdomen to stick out more, it has caused me back issues in the past) I also think I could just be simply over thinking it. I feel it more when I’m lay down. Can anyone help? I’m at university so I find it hard to find time to go to the doctors all the time, and I don’t want to waste the doctors time.


Thank you.