I started taking MinOvral 28 three weeks ago on the first day of my period. I started having sex without a condom at least 8 days after starting to take it and usually have sex without a condom now but ALWAY pull out. I have been taking the pill on time - latest that I took it was 20 mins late. I am on my 4th placebo pill and I started having brown blood yesterday. It was heavier than a spotting. I thought it was just brown discharge but I bled overnight but it was light and when I went to check it, there was a bit of red blood. The bleeding is lighter than it would be when I’m on my period. I usually have a very heavy flow period. I’m just worried about it being brown. This is my first time bleeding brown and I’ve never had brown bleeding any the beginning of any of my periods. I'm sorry if this is TMI but when I would check my pad it would look dark brown but when I would wipe it would be bright red. I’m also having symptoms I would normally have when I’m on my period. Is this something to worry about? Is this a period? Am I pregnant?