Scientists had put their minds into improving contraceptives and making them more convenient for use. One of their goals was to make women take the contraceptives faithfully, so they made chewable, spearmint-flavored tablets that could also be swallowed without chewing.

Named Femcon Fe, the chewable tablets are just the version of Ovcon 35, the company’s regular birth control pills that have been around for 30 years.

Femcon Fe contains the same hormones as standard oral contraceptives, 35 micrograms of ethanol estradiol and 40 micrograms of progestin and needs to be taken with 8 ounces of water. This dose of progestin is considered low and is used in order to reduce side effects like bloating, depression, irritability and acne.

The package is discreet, convenient and it could be carried it in a purse.
Just like the other contraceptives, Femcom Fe will not protect women from sexually transmitted diseases and it does carry all the risks like blood clots, heart attack and stroke, mist likely in female smokers over 35.
The chewable tablets come in a typical 28-day cycle, with 21 active pills and so called "reminders" They will be sold for $44 wholesale, somewhat higher at pharmacies.