While studying the influence of aspirin on blood platelets, thanks to a group of chocoholics, scientists revealed that dark chocolate had very good effect on platelets as well.

One thousand two hundred study participants were instructed to avoid eating a number of food items however around 150 chocoholics could not resist their craving, so scientists decided to observe the impact of chocolate on these patients.

The results showed that two tablespoons of dark chocolate a day caused a decline in the formation of blood clots. These positive effects are due to the presence of chemical in cocoa beans that has a biochemical effect very similar to aspirin in reducing platelet clumping. This clumping could turn out fatal if a blood clot would form and block a blood vessel leading to heart attack.

Researchers advise that eating a bar or two of dark chocolate or having a cup of cocoa a day would be beneficial for health in general but people should not binge on sweets, especially not on those with lots of butter and sugar.